Q1. After registration, the device is unresponsive with the pop-up [User synchronization] displayed.

A. When using the device in conjunction with our PC manager program Access+, the administrator's approval is required (User approval can be done in the [User → User Approval] menu.)



Q2. The device status is turned OFF on Access+.

A. Check if the IP address of the PC where the program is installed has changed. (If possible, use a static IP address so that the IP address of the PC where the manager program is installed does not change.)


Q3. I forgot my device's admin password.

A. You can reset the password in [Reader List → (Select the device.)  Advanced Settings → Reader Settings] in Access+. If you are not using the program, you must send the device to the customer center.


Q4. The thermal image temperature is high.

A. About 30 minutes of adjustment time may be necessary after the device is powered on. If the temperature does not drop, please contact the customer service.



Q5. A message saying [The thermal image sensor is being adjusted.] appears and I cannot enter.

A. Reboot the device in [Menu -> Device Settings]. If you keep getting the same problem, please contact customer service.




Q6. After plugging in the power cord, the LCD comes out with stripped lines.

A. The device may have booted with an unstable LCD voltage. Unplug the power cord or adapter on the back of the device, and then reconnect it after about 10 seconds.




Q7. The device stays on the user registration screen after rebooting.

A. The device must have at least one administrator. Please register at least one administrator on the device.




Q8. After changing the device number of a device, the new device number does not appear on the [Reader Approval] of Access+.

A. Refresh the page after deleting the existing device number on the list.




Q9. The LCD does not turn on when approaching the device.

A. Check if there is any foreign object on the camera or sensor at the bottom of the device. You can awaken the device by touching the LCD screen.




Q10. Authentication does not work well during times of strong sunlight.

A. This device is for indoor use. If authentication is not successful, try to authenticate by getting closer to the device.



Q11. What is the voltage and power required for installation?

A. 12v 2a or 24v 1a.