Manage users, devices,
and security level easily on your PC!
  • Administrator and user management
  • Simplified access process while
    traveling by sharing the database
  • Device management
  • 01New reader registration and approval
  • 02Reader list check and change
  • Browse access history
  • Access control
  • 01Access zone
  • 02Access time
  • 03Access level
  • Search
  • 01Access history
  • 02Payment record
  • 03Time and attendance
  • Firmware update
  • Data management
Review the access history anytime, anywhere. Also,
check the visitor and remotely grant access from your mobile!
*To be completed in 2021
  • Handy review of access history
    and device status
  • Real-time visitor notification
  • Remote door control (Grant access)
Cloud Management
Whenever, Wherever
Easily manage user information and security level,
check the visitor's face in real time, and control remote access to the visitor with PC or smartphone.
In addition, when traveling to overseas or domestic branches,
you can simply verify your identity with your face
without the bothersome registration procedures, through cloud server management.
*To be completed in 2021.
  • Access grant in overseas branches by
    sharing the DB on cloud
  • Real-time notification of suspicious
    movements and remote door control