Face A+
Face recognition and authentication solution
designed for the ultimate convenience and security
FHD Real-time
Deep Learning
Data Encryption
Smart IR
Liveness Detection
Standalone System to Handle
the Most Extreme Conditions
Based on standalone system,
Face A+ supports stable operations in extreme
conditions such as earthquakes, fires and blackouts,
and maintains an impressively high performance in low network conditions.

。Maintains full operation under emergency conditions
。No network delay or errors
Real-time Full HD Image Processing
With a specialized camera and an algorithm optimized
for high-resolution image processing,
Face A+ recognizes and authorizes the face real-time.

Unlike other VGA solutions, Face A+ improved the recognition accuracy and speed greatly by
using the technical know-how from over 20+ years of experience.
Accuracy Higher than 99.9%, Powered by
Deep Learning
Powered by deep learning algorithm and
high-resolution training datasets, Face A+ offers a recognition
accuracy higher than 99.9%. (FAR: 1/100,000)

With Face A+, only you can be you.
Secure Your Privacy
by Data Encryption
To maintain the highest level of security and privacy,
Face A+ encrypts biometric data and fully protects
your precious data from identity theft and hacking.

*AES128 and biometric data encryption
Smart IR For
Total Darkness
Reliable recognition under varying light conditions is
one of the most important challenges for face recognition.
By automatic infrared adaptation,
Smart IR enables an easy access anytime, day or night!
Fake Face Detection Technology
Using liveness detection and fake detection technology,
Face A+ provides reliable anti-spoofing against biometric fraud.
Face A+ distinguishes an image or motion mimicked
by photo or video from a real person’s movement.