CVT's Johney Lee “Our goal is to apply face recognition to all industries including home networks.”
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25 years of experience in security companies

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in and introduction of access control solutions is increasing day by day. Among them, face recognition technology is considered as one of the most widely applied biometric technologies in conjunction with the keyword of non-contact. In particular, it is not only about simply recognizing a face, but it is being upgraded by combining various technologies such as whether a mask is worn or not, as well as heat detection and automatic access list function in conjunction with thermal imaging camera.

▲ Johney Lee, Sales Director of CVT [Photo=Security News]


CVT is a manufacturer of face recognition access control readers and has various patents and trademarks related to biometrics. Its Sales Director Johney Lee, who joined CVT in April this year, has worked with major companies in the security industry for 25 years. We heard more about CVT from Director Lee, what the charm that has captivated industry veteran is.

What kind of company is CVT? CVT is a startup company founded in July 2015 to change the existing biometric access control pattern as the company name 'Creative Value Technology'. Except for sales, marketing and management personnel, all executives and staff are various physical security developers and manufacture face recognition access control readers that provide solutions for the non-face-to-face era. In particular, we have strengths in face recognition solutions and technology sales with technology that utilizes more than 20 years of experience and know-how. Based on this, we have a number of strategic partners for convergence security.

I'm curious how you came to be with CVT. It's been 25 years since I entered the security industry. Starting with field sales at Samsung S1, then corporate sales, and sales support work, I was in charge of global security work in the ADT Caps marketing team, and served as the head of the security division at COMMAX, a home network company. As I worked for a major security company, I experienced various spectrums of security, and based on this experience, I came to think that convergence security based on a strong connected platform would be necessary in the future. And I joined CVT to apply the facial recognition solution that is highly scalable to various security fields in my career and human network.

What is the appeal of face recognition? Face recognition is a biometric field that can be expanded to various fields. In particular, it is positioned as a solution suitable for the non-contact era caused by the corona pandemic, and as reflected in this, it is an attractive field with market growth potential with an average annual growth rate of more than 10%.

What strengths does CVT have in face recognition? CVT has its own technology to identify and solve security problems such as the inconvenience of authenticating one person, a low recognition rate that is weak against backlight, and misrecognition of photos and videos. In addition, we have our own camera module technology and face recognition algorithm technology, and we have the highest level of face recognition technology using an algorithm optimized for camera module design and an IR infrared camera. In particular, CEO Woo-Gyun Lee and technology development personnel have experience in developing face recognition SoCs before the establishment, and in the early days of the business, large Korean companies applied CVT technology to ODM production.

To explain a little more in detail, first, the Image Pyramid image method provides a high authentication speed with a face detection (FD) and face recognition (FR) speed of 0.3 seconds, and built-in standalone method at the camera edge, it works normally even when the network goes down. 

In addition, the recognition performance of the infrared camera can also detect spoofing of photos and videos by infrared skin reaction. This is to distinguish fake faces from photos, videos, and mannequins from real human faces through liveness detection (analysis of biological movement, blinking, and blood vessel reactions).

In addition, AI deep learning technology is applied to detect subtle facial changes over time after face registration, while transmitting data with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) network encryption technology to protect personal information and encrypting all face image information.


▲ From left: FA-3000, FA-2000, FA-1000 [Photo=Security News]


Please introduce a representative product. CVT is a face recognition specialist. There are Face A+ series (FA-1000, FA-2000, FA-3000) and Access+, a manager program. The FA-1000 is equipped with a 90˚ wide-angle face recognition (90-degree wide angle, so tall athletes and short children can be recognized). The Face A+ series works with Access+, a manager program, to manage access as well as time and attendance and self-payment.


In the second half of the year, we plan to introduce products for household in collaboration with construction companies, home network companies, and door lock companies.

What are other installation cases? CVT's products include offices such as CJ Olive Networks, CJ E&C, Lotte Department Store, and Swan Sink, and educational facilities such as E-PLEX and Cheongdam Language School, a number of daycare centers, and Hwaseong, Dongtan, and Daegu. It was also installed at Hoban Construction's new apartment construction sites such as Daejeon and Asan/Tangjeong, as well as at Lotte E&C's Songdo new apartment construction site.


In particular, we completed PoC with Hyundai Elevator for moving to the destination floor and calling for elevators through user face authentication, which appeared in TV commercials, and with Hyundai Motors to apply facial recognition technology to automobiles.

CVT has obtained various patents and awards related to facial recognition, and is known to have received investment attraction. We have 3 patent applications related to door control and 2 trademark registrations for AI security robot and Face A+.


After receiving the certificate of designation of excellent R&D innovative products from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, it performed the TIPS task. Since its foundation, it has been consistently awarded the Grand Prize from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in the K-Global IoT Challenge and the Grand Prize from the Ministry of Science and ICT in the Startup Hope Concert Demo Day. I did. In addition, we have the family-friendly management certification from the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. Along with this, Lotte and IBK. We are reinvesting in R&D to improve our products and technologies by attracting investments from PNP, POSCO, Hyundai Motor, and Hoban Construction.

I'm curious about CVT's future plans. First, in order to expand domestic sales, additional distributors with nationwide agencies are secured, strategic alliances and business collaborations with SI products with influential mid-sized companies, and excellent products through trial purchases of innovative products from public institutions and registration of venture countries We are trying to increase sales of public institutions with procured products.


The overseas market has a global growth strategy centered on Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe. To advance overseas, we are inducing overseas sales and investment attraction together by acquiring overseas certifications such as CE and FCC, participating in overseas exhibitions, and advertising and promoting YouTube and Facebook. Thanks to these efforts, last year, Panasonic completed a business partnership with Singapore to link Panasonic cameras and CVT face recognition readers, and recently, Vietnam is showing high interest in our products.

I believe that the technology of CVT is closely related to our daily life. Based on commercial face recognition products based on this technology, we plan to target the apartment and apartment housing market by collaborating with construction companies, home network companies, and door lock companies. In addition, we plan to supply products in the form of face recognition chips, modules, and boards so that face recognition products can be used in all industries.



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