AI Yangjae Hub to show off cutting-edge AI technology at ‘Smart Tech Korea’
write : Admin | 2021-06-17
Promising domestic artificial intelligence (AI) startups and related companies will participate in the high-tech convergence business exhibition "SMART TECH KOREA 2021."

Seoul AI Yangjae Hub Logo / AI Yangjae Hub
Seoul's AI Yangjae Hub announced on the 17th that it will set up an "AI Yangjae Hub Joint Hall" at the "Smart Tech Korea" event and unveil its products with companies that have recently developed high-tech technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data.

This year, ▲ 'Triplet' provides AI video analysis solution (safety, retail field, big data analysis) ▲ 'Elexi' with 'Philo-V' technology, a deep learning based video analysis solution ▲ AI-based next-generation cyber security platform 'CTI Lab' of DTI (Deep Threat Intelligence) ▲ 'Smart Mind' with THANOS and LIGHTHOUSE, the core technologies of AI algorithm and transformation module ▲ Deep learning vision software 'Neuro-T' ', 'Neurocle' with 'Neuro-R' ▲ 'CVT', which is expanding its business with facial recognition access control technology, will participate.

These are hub tenants and membership companies that are achieving results in increasing sales, attracting investment, and creating new jobs through the "AI Yangjae Hub." Through this event, it will introduce trends and future directions of AI technology, business items and major technologies, and hold domestic and foreign buyer matching consultations and demonstrations together.

Opened in December 2017, "AI Yangjae Hub" is Korea's first institution specializing in fostering technology startups in the field of AI created in Yangjae by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to create an "artificial intelligence specialized hub" where AI talent and companies are concentrated. As of May 2021, a total of 87 AI technology-based companies were located in the AI Yangjae Hub. Since the second half of last year, it has established an "AI Yangjae Membership Program" so that non-resident companies can receive the same corporate support as tenant companies.

Yoon Jong-young, head of the AI Yangjae Hub Center, said, "We hope that with this participation in Smart Tech Korea, promising companies of AI Yangjae Hub will be able to further establish themselves in the artificial intelligence market and expand widely."

Meanwhile, the 10th Smart Tech Korea, which will be held under the theme of 'Connect the Future!', will be held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul for three days from the 23rd. This year, more than 170 domestic and foreign companies will participate to present future core smart technologies and various industrial trends based on the fourth industrial revolution.

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